Gene sequencing for breast cancer

Breast cancer is known as the "beauty killer", incidence among female cancer incidence rate of the first, the incidence is related to many factors, hormone, marriage and child rearing, unhealthy lifestyle and genetic factors. Breast cancer usually no obvious symptoms, take preventive measures against, especially by gene detection technique for screening for breast cancer in high-risk populations (gene mutation to bring the crowd), effective in the prevention of breast cancer, can greatly reduce the incidence and mortality rate. 


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Detection of her cancer susceptibility gene

Breast cancer risk 87%

Ovarian cancer risk 58%

Take active preventive measures, the success of cancer risk to less than 5%

Sample requirement


Clinical significance

1 for breast cancer patients' families

First of all, it can be determined by genetic testing that there is no mutation in the family. In the second, if the pathogenic gene mutation is carried, the measures should be taken to prevent the disease. Regular physical examination or in the doctor's guidance to specify the prevention program, so that there is an early medical, disease prevention and early.

2 for healthy people

Genetic testing results can help to predict the risk of cancer, and may decide whether there is a need to strengthen the inspection frequency or taking certain drugs to reduce the risk of breast cancer.