Introduction of gene sequencing

What is genetic testing?

The so-called genetic testing, is taking was detected in oral mucosa cells, after extraction and amplification of the gene information, through specific technology and equipment to be detected cell DNA molecular genetic information in the test. Analysis he contains a variety of disease susceptibility genes, from which people can timely understanding of their genetic information, predict the risk of suffering from physical illness, so as to improve their living environment and living habits, let oneself live plainly. Gene detection can be found hidden in your body in the absence of a diseased body ".

Significance of gene detection

In addition to trauma, a variety of human diseases are basically genetic factors (internal) and environmental factors (external cause) the results of a common role. Through genetic testing can accurately reflect the development trend of the next 5-20 years of health and disease, ahead of time to accomplish a nip in the bud, and allow you to reduce the risk of illness.

The incidence of colorectal cancer in the United States dropped by 90%, and the death rate decreased by 70% in the United States by gene detection and prevention. More than 96% of the breast cancer can be treated, ovarian cancer 5 years survival rate up to 80%-90%, the 5 year survival rate of liver cancer can be increased from ~0% to 46.4%