Gene sequencing for lung cancer

According to different types, different stages of lung cancer patients, treatment is divided into 4 kinds, namely, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapy. Each treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages, the same, the curative effect of lung cancer is not the same, specific see table below:

Treatment modalitybrief introductiocurative effect
surgical treatmenResection of local tumor, which is suitable for patients with early non metastatic lung cancer

The primary lesion was the fastest, and the early effect was good,

But the scattered, invisible cancer cells cannot be eliminated.

Radiation therapyRadiotherapy for killing local cancer cells

Early effect on cancer is good, but the side effect is big,

Unable to remove the root cause

medicationChemical drugs

Chemotherapy for killing cancer cells by chemical drugs;

The commonly used chemotherapy drug cisplatin, carboplatin and pemetrexed, gemcitabine, paclitaxel, docetaxel,

Docetaxel, Navelbine, NVB Changchun, Changchun alkali,

Etoposide, campto, irinotecan, 5-FU etc

selective poor, while killing cancer cells at the same time,

The normal cells also have killing, toxic side effects

Targeted drug

Targeting drugs designed to target lung cancer specific targets to kill tumor cells,

To achieve the purpose of therapy, referred to as targeted therapy;

Commonly used target to drugs: zuoke erlotinib, gefitinib imatinib, erlotinib erlotinib, cetuximab, panitumumab, bevacizumab, nimotuzumab EK imatinib etc.

The specificity is strong, the effect is good, the security is good,

High tolerance and little toxic side effect,

But it is necessary to determine the corresponding target gene status of the patients.

Why do patients with lung cancer genetic testing?

Clinical studies have confirmed that EGFR gene sensitive mutations in non small cell lung cancer treated with EGFR-TKI targeted drugs such as easy to Iressa and Tarceva or the Camry, the effective rate is no EGFR gene mutations in patients with curative effect to more than ten times. By detection of lung cancer related genes have a definite object in view to select the corresponding molecular target drugs, the gene mutation of lung cancer patients receive timely and accurate of individualized treatment, and for no EGFR mutation in non small cell lung cancer patients to avoid excessive treatment or over treatment.

Sample requirement

Paraffin embedded tissueSurgical tissue paraffin5PIC,thickness7um
Paraffin tissue patch puncture (Strip Slitting)10pic,thickness7um,Tissue length>1cm
Puncture tissue paraffin (single point cross cutting / gastrointestinal multi point)15pic,thickness7um or20PIC,thickness5um
Shi LakuaiIs the same as the mung bean

Fresh tissue

Operation fresh tissuIs the same as the mung bean
Puncture fresh tissue1pic,length>1cm

Blood and pleural effusion

Pleural effusionbottom50ml
Whole Blood8ml

Clinical significance

1. The target to the drug screening by high-throughput sequencing technology, detection and analysis of lung cancer tumor tissue / blood target to drug related genes mutation status, so as to help the doctors for patients to select the most likely from the benefit of targeted drugs.

2. The side effects of chemotherapy evaluation by high-throughput sequencing technology, detection and analysis of lung cancer patients with all kinds of drug metabolism and remove related genetic polymorphisms, so as to help the doctors for patients to assess chemotherapy drug toxicity risk, for patients to develop the least toxicity and efficacy of the best chemotherapy.

3. Assist individual analysis of sub standard type lung cancer treatment scheme contains the analysis of tumor sub type related to the major gene, and assisted the doctor in patients with pathological typing and to develop a system for the individualized treatment strategy through the synchronous multi gene detection.

4. Regimen exploring lung cancer specialized program covers currently known all for research and treatment of cancer related genes, on patients with tumor of the exploration of comprehensive analysis and medicinal solution to ensure patients do not miss the chance of any effective treatment.