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In the immune system of human body, there are two kinds of special immune function cells for tumor cell, one is the antigen presentation cell which can activate antigen presentation and inhibit tumor development and diffusion; the other is the killer cell for cell induction, it can actively identify and kill tumor cells in an oriented mode and prevent the diffusion and transfer of tumor cells!

The antigen presentation cell is just like “radar”, it can actively search and identify the tumor cells; the killer cells of cell induction is just like “missile” which can accurately kill the tumor cells without damaging any normal tissues, effectively kill the tumor tissues and promote the immunity of organism.

However, in the body of a healthy person, the content of these two cells is only about 1%, and it is lesser in the body of cancer patients. Through years of research, the American scientists finally separate these two cells from the peripheral blood of human body. The cells are fed back to the patient body after the excitation and appreciation of cells in the special laboratory so as to ensure that the CLS cellular immunotherapy can kill the tumor cells more actively than the traditional therapy.

The biological immunization therapy is a new-developing method for the tumor biological therapy. The Chinese name of CIK cell is the killer cell of cell factor induction, it is the T lymphocyte obtained after the cultivation of peripheral blood mononuclear cell factors of human body for a period of time, it has the strong antineoplastic activity of T lymphocyte and is considered as the preferential method for a new generation of antineoplastic adoptive immunotherapy.

The biological immunization therapy solves the fundamental malady of the traditional remedies such as operation and chemoradiotherapy-killing of all cancer cells and enables the “fundamental solution” of cancer to be possible. The ASCO calls the biological therapy as the “most featured and encouraging focus” for the cancer treatment in this century.

“Cure own decease with own cells”, as a kind of new, safe and painless tumor biological therapy, it opens a green door for those who have the “incurable disease”.

As the third class technology approved by the Ministry of Health as well as the project with high clinical technological content, biological immunization therapy has been approved and incorporated in some medical insurances, the national media authority, such as CCTV, has reported the biological cellular immunotherapy for several times, and programs such as the Network News Broadcast, Live News Room and Power of Science have paid high attention to the new progress of biological immunization therapy.

The biological immunization therapy has wide adaptation diseases, mainly applicable to various malignant tumors like lung cancer, gastric cancer, cancer of the liver, breast cancer, cervical cancer, malignant melanoma, renal carcinoma, prostatic cancer, carcinoma of urinary bladder, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, carcinoma of the rectum, laryngocarcinoma, nasopharynx cancer and nasopharynx cancer, and it is also applicable to the hematological malignant tumor such as multiple myeloma, B cell lymphoma and leukemia etc.