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There are more than 6,000 kinds of diseases for human, how can we prevent? Flu is coming, prevent flu; Hepatitis B is coming, prevent Hepatitis B; SARS is coming, prevent SARS; AIDS is coming, prevent AIDS; what disease will come next time? We don’t know, we are impossible to defend effectively, which is the most difficult issue encountered for the modern medicine.

“Variety singer” Mei Yanfang died with cervical cancer on December 30, 2003 at 40 years old, and her sister Mei Aifang also died with cervical cancer before her. Young entrepreneur Wang Junyao died with liver cirrhosis on April 10, 2005 at 38 years old. The famous artist Chen Yifei died with liver cirrhosis on April 10, 2005 at 59 years old. The famous film actor Fu Biao died with liver cancer in Beijing Armed Police General Hospital on August 30, 2005 at 40. Nobody is willing to repeat such tragedies in themselves, and the cause of the tragedy is because we can't predict the disease. If we can know what disease will happen in advance, we can have the initiative and direction of prevention, we expect that the scientific and technological development can realize this wish. The implementation of Human Genome Project makes the hope come true, so we are lucky to live in this era.

What is gene? The gene is the code of life, which records and transmits the genetic information of organism and determines all biological phenomena of the organism include the birth, aging, illness, and death. The modern biologists widely believed: all diseases of human are associated with the gene, we cannot prevent some previous diseases because we don’t understand the genetic codes. The contemporary life science research found that the health of people has an objective, close and extensive relation with the gene existence. We can predict and prevent the disease that will happen if we find the gene that causes the human diseases. The gene sequencing is the greatest invention for the preventive medicine in the 21st century.

The national health genetic system engineering has a powerful research and development strength, which can predict the human diseases and accurately reflect the development tendency of future health and know the prevention on some aspects by the gene sequencing, it can not only prevent some serious disease but also prolong the life maximumly, which is an important milestone in human science and technology history.

The biologists suggest: there are at least 2-3 diseases susceptibility genes in everyone’s body, which are the "gene landmines" that can cause some serious diseases, we can prevent the occurrence of disease and improve the life quality if these "gene landmines" are found as soon as possible with their location and status marked, and we can avoid triggering it in the usual life and medication and take the prevention and health care according to the suggestions of experts.

We call the "disease susceptibility gene" as the "bad" gene, also known as a gene associated with the disease for the genetic constitution that is bad for health. The disease susceptibility gene sequencing is to detect the genes of the subjects and see if they have "bad" genes with a advanced gene chip technology on the basis of the research findings of human genome in order to know and prevent early and avoid the occurrence of serious disease and improve the human lifetime. They can follow the advices of experts after understand the conditions of their genes and pointedly prevent the occurrence of disease. If they don’t understand their genes conditions, the potential diseases can’t be prevented and the "landmines" can be triggered unconsciously which will result in the occurrence of serious diseases.

Prevention is superior to treatment: The treatment is to fight fire, which has caused the loss even under a timely condition .The prevention is to prevent fire, which is the most steady security measure. The best doctor is yourself, the health will accompany with your life only if you can grasp your own health.

Gene sequencing is to detect the "gene landmines" hidden in your body without the disease in order to prevent your possible diseases in the future in advance, the gene sequencing has a higher accuracy and further perspectiveness compared with the traditional detections, which is a "revolution" for the human to fight with the diseases! It is first time to make people not passively defense any more but proactively prevent decades in advance when they face the diseases. The gene sequencing has an epoch-making significance in the human history!