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Chasing Dreams on the Country Road, the Team were Having Fun
Date:2016-06-07 11:39:38 Author:管理员 Flow rate:4519second


It’s a furious spring; vigorous newborns are everywhere; right in this warm season of blossom, Jiangsu Yinfeng organized a spring outing to Jiangyang Tianle Lake on April 18, aiming to make more friends, enhance the relationship among colleagues and develop the responsibility of teamwork. We met at 7:00 in the morning, then left together for the destination, which took us one and a half hour.

Jiangyang Tianle Lake locates at Yizheng, in which we can find a lot of entertainment items such as the Happy Valley, Hot Spring Resort, Organic Farm, Holiday Apartment, and Boutique Hotel; it is like a dream-land on the country side.

In the Happy Valley, all of us took the challenge to slip on the ropeway; we were so brave that we all went up to the cable bent tower then one by one, we just slipped to the opposite bank of Tianle Lake. While what was more challenging for us was we had to walk through the drawbridge at that bank; we had to overcome psychological barriers, being careful and keeping calm. Everyone was encouraging each other by that time and moving forward courageously.

Then we organized a boat racing intending to convey the concept of “making concerted effort, moving forward and facing challenges together”, after which we have tried grass skating, archery, Popkart, target practice and bullfighting and so on. We were so excited, we screamed and laughed happily…All the items in the morning exhausted us, therefore we went to the Hop Spring Resort to relax and release fatigue, what’s more, hot spring is really good for our skin and to help us maintain beauty.

However, happy time always passed by easily, and finally we had to gather together again. We felt so reluctant to part from the dream-land when we were on the bus returning home. And we were discussing what happened that day, feeling so happy and satisfied. It was a day on which we challenged and went beyond ourselves; we stuck together and helped each other to improve ourselves! We were so energetic just like the spring. And we believe that under the leadership of the management of the Group company, we Jiangsu Yinfeng will encounter with a much brighter future!