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The 2015 Spring Outing of Yinfeng Biological Group., Ltd Comes to a Happy End!
Date:2016-06-07 11:41:38 Author:管理员 Browse:4650次


Riding the spring wind, hearing the lovely songs sung by the birds, feeling the fragrance of the flowers, all things on earth have come to life from the endless sleep in the winter. A beautiful day like this is a day for us to go into the nature to search for the real us, and to feel this God-given and cozy environment. Aiming to build a favorable enterprise cultural atmosphere, promote communication among colleagues, and enhance the rally power of the Company, develop teamwork spirit, as well as enhance the relationship with colleagues, all the staffs of Yinfeng Group went traveling to Laiwu to enjoy a vacation at the Xueye Lake.

At 7a.m on 25 April, we met each other at Yinfeng Holding Group on time and took the tour bus setting off for Laiwu. Jiulong Grand Canyon in Laiwu was our first destination in the morning. The Grand Canyon is 20km in length, and is famous for the natural landscape. The Jintai Mountain looks similar in appearance with Mount Tai, grand and magnificent in appearance. We helped and encouraged each other when climbing the mountain in the morning, then we came down and met at the foot of it and took photos together. We went to the hotel and had the special milk-fish soup that can only be found in Laiwu. We then had a rest in our hotel rooms. At six o’clock, everyone gathered at the beach for our barbecue party. Together we prepared the barbecue food, and we were singing while enjoying the food and beers, even the management personnel sang, and that was when the party reached the happiest time.

In the morning of the next day, we gathered again in the hotel lobby and went to Lvzuquan scenic region, which located at the north side of the well-known Xueye Reservoir, and a fairy tale is going around that Lv Dongbin was practicing here, thus becoming immortal. Being embraced on three sides by green hills, this scenic region owns a great deal of natural views. All of my colleagues have been spending most of their times sitting in office, lacking of physical practices, while no one of us fell behind, instead we helped each other, and completed the whole journey laughing and singing. During the whole journey, the strength of unity and the warm of the big family had been quite felt by us. At the foot of the mountain, we have tasted the natural mineral water that contains rich mineral substances. At 11a.m., we left the mountain for hotel and enjoyed the delicious Xueye Lake fish-head Chinese dishes. Surrounded by a warm atmosphere, we talked cheerfully and animatedly. After a short-time rest, we went on the bus heading back to Jinan, saying goodbye to our joyful Laiwu trip.

The outing had made us felt the warm air of the spring. As the saying goes that the whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring, we will bury the seeds of our ideals in the spring wind, and then water it with our hardworking, expecting to enjoy a satisfied harvest in autumn. So will Yinfeng Group, it is a big family in which we happily work and grow; it is a stage on which we show our capabilities; it has taken the responsibility to help its employees to develop the life-time career. This journey has offered us the chance to better communicate with each other, taught us more on teamwork, and the colleagues in different departments have found themselves getting along better with others. We feel closer to each other and we communicate more, which is very beneficial to our future work and life.