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The Signing Ceremony on the Cooperation between Yinfeng Group and Davis Medicine of the University of California in Unit
Date:2019-05-05 10:12:50 Author:管理员 Browse:2632次

  At 10 a.m. on March 29, the signing ceremony on the strategic cooperation between Yinfeng Group and UC Davis was successfully held in the American Embassy in China. A number of people have witnessed this signing ceremony, including Mr. Darrell Steinberg (Mayor of Sacramento, USA), Ms. Joanna Regulska (Vice President of UC Davis), Mr. Terry Branstad (Counselor of American Embassy), Mr. Wang Wei (Chairman of Yinfeng Group), Mr. Dong Baixiang (Vice President of Yinfeng Biological Group) and more than 40 representatives of outstanding enterprises from China and USA.


Mr. Wang Wei, Chairman of Yinfeng Group, took a photo with Mr. Darrell Steinberg, Mayor of Sacramento, USA, in the American Embassy in China

With high expectation to the internationalization of Yinfeng Group, participants agreed that the signing between Yinfeng Group and UC Davis marked a pleasing result of friendly cooperation in economy and trade between Sacramento and Jinan, California and Shandong, and even between China and USA. This would greatly promote the cooperation in biomedicine R&D, innovation and industrialization between China and USA. Meanwhile, the growth of Yinfeng Group in the USA would provide strong support to local entrepreneurs in related fields and promote the development of local biomedicine industry, thus constantly increasing local job opportunities and driving economic development.


Mr. Wang Wei, Chairmen of Yinfeng Group, made a speech at the reception

  Mr. Wang Wei, Chairmen of Yinfeng Group, has firstly expressed his sincere gratitude to the leaders of Sacramento and Jinan in his speech at the reception of signing ceremony. Thank the leaders from governments at all levels for establishing a platform of learning & exchanging and win-win cooperation for Yinfeng Group. Then, he went on to say: "Today, witnessed by the governments of China and USA, a deeper global cooperation between Yinfeng Group and UC Davis starts, which will take the cooperation between the two parties to a new height. As a world-leading interdisciplinary research and teaching institution, UC Davis has always taken the leading position in biomedical research. In the future, Yinfeng Group will explore the unknown in biomedicine filed by cooperating with the elites with advanced biomedicine R&D philosophy, hoping to provide health solutions for human beings with innovative achievements in scientific research." Besides, Mr. Wang Wei added that Yinfeng Group took delight in becoming a window, bridge or link of exchange and cooperation among the enterprises in China and USA.


2019 "Wise Investment · Beneficial Choice" Promotion Conference at Sacramento, California, USA

  2019 "Wise Investment · Beneficial Choice" Promotion Conference at Sacramento, California, USA was held in the Ministry of Commerce on the afternoon of the same day. Mr. Darrell Steinberg, Mayor of Sacramento, led a 30-member delegation to attend the conference, including government officials, and the representatives from the fields of agriculture, smart city technology, self-driving automobile and universities. At the conference, the enterprises from China and USA introduced and discussed the major investment cooperation projects in Sacramento. In addition to provide multi-dimensional cooperation opportunities for Chinese and American enterprises, the promotion conference also has served as a broader and deeper operation channel for enhancing international exchanges and cooperation.


Director Li Shixin communicated with Mr. Darrell Steinberg, Mayor of Sacramento, USA, at the reception

  The government leaders of Jinan High-tech Zone attached great importance to this conference. Li Shixin, member of Management Committee and Party Working Committee of Jinan High-tech Zone, and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of China International ICT Innovation Cluster, attended this conference. He said that the signing between Yinfeng Group and UC Davis marked a deeper cooperation in the USA, which set an example for Jinan enterprises to "go global". In addition, he thanked the Sacramento Government and related departments for their supports to Yinfeng Group for local development in the past three years. He welcomed American enterprises to visit Shandong, seek business opportunities, invest and develop for mutual development.