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           Boao•Yinfeng health-care International Hospital is a green and international research hospital integrating medical treatment, tourism, and health care. The application of key technologies in precision medicine, such as biogenetic engineering, histology research, and big data analysis technology, is The hospital’s core competitiveness, adhering to the concept of “effective medical treatment prevent disease" provides accurate detection, precise diagnosis and precise treatment of diseases to domestic and foreign customers, and provides precise management, monitoring, intervention, and accurate health care to make it as the life cycle of health preservation. The establishment of Boao•Yinfeng health-care International Hospital marks the official entry of Yinfeng Biological Industry group into the medical field and opens a new chapter in history of Yinfeng Biological Industry Group!

           Boao•Yinfeng health-care International Hospital is located at the forerunner district of Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism, which was called by Premier Li Keqiang as“The Second Chapter of the Boao Forum for Asia”. It has an advantageous geographical location, with developed three-dimensional transportation by land, sea and air, and surrounded by provincial, national and eastern highways and high-speed rail ways, it is only 4.7 kilometers from Boao Airport, and about 90 kilometers away from Haikou Meilan International Airport , and about 200 kilometers from Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

         Health care needs ataraxia and self-cultivationBoao• Yinfeng Kangyang International Hospital is adjacent to the Ecological Pergola in Wanquan River, which is full of blue water, natural scenery, breeze and rest. Walk in the shade and keep you away from the outside world.

         Backed with high-quality tourism resources in Hainan, a well-developed management system, and generous policy support from international medical tourism in forerunner district of Bo'ao Le Cheng, relying on the world’s leading patent technology, top R&D team and mature industrialization platform of Yinfeng Biological Industry Group, adhering to the corporate culture of “Honesty, Hard Work, Well-Balanced Tension and Pioneering”, the company insist with the path of building a green internationalized research hospital and leads the Customer demand with health goals of “Healthier, More Beautiful, Younger, and Longer Life" , which beyond customers'expectations. It is believed that Boao•Yinfeng health-care International Hospital will be extremely famous.