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  Smoke resistance gene detection of resistant gene smoke damage detection, can detect smoke and soot and tolerance to assess you to smoke in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons carcinogenic detoxification ability, allowing you to understand their risk of smoking related lung cancer risk, give you personalized health guidance

Metabolic processes:



Chinese population GSTM1 missing individuals accounted for 56.8% of the total number of

The risk of lung cancer is about 1.78 times that of the wild type in the absence of smoking.


genegenotypeSite interpretation
GSTM1(+)/(-)When the detection of GSTM1 results (+), indicating that the gene is normal (the wild type), when the detection of GSTM1 results for (-), said the gene is missing in the test (i.e. deletion type), normally in the presence of gene deletion and the gene modified compared, in all don't smoke under the former risk of lung cancer rate is about 1.49 times than that of the latter, in all smoke under the former risk of lung cancer rate is about 1.78 times the latter. Therefore, it is suggested the gene deletion avoid smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke, in order to reduce the risk of cancer.

intended for

1, smoking habits of people

2, chefs and regular contact with the smoke of the people

3, refineries, power plants, such as contact with chemical fuel gas line workers

4, the air pollution is more serious areas of people

5, and all people who want to know the size of their tolerance to smoke damage.