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  The HLA (human leukocyte antigen) : human leukocyte antigen, from the human gene complex coding chromosome 6 short arm, is the most complicated part of the human body known genetic polymorphism system, expressed in the human body cell membrane surface, on behalf of HLA antigen specificity of each individual is closely related to the body's immune system, is the main antigen mediated graft rejection.


Product introduction

HLA is the main antigen of the graft rejection, and the survival rate of graft depends on the degree of consistency of HLA type between donor and recipient. At present, our company is mainly by PCR sequence specific primers amplification technology (squence specific primer, PCR-SSP) and PCR direct sequence analysis of gene typing technique (sequence based were, PCR-SBT) two kinds of methods to judge for both the consistency degree, for clinical diagnosis and transplantation and in the treatment to provide guidance.



Advantage of HLA parting with previous analysis means? 

Serum credits as previous general classification method, because it has the characteristics of simple, fast, the disadvantage is that classification rate is very low, sometimes is not easy to obtain the relevant classification of serum, and cannot ensure the donor and HLA matching real patients. Now basically is to use molecular biology method, commonly used is the PCR - SSP or PCR - SBT method. Its detection method in detecting flux, data quality, cost control, etc have a qualitative leap, and high resolution database is not only beneficial to rapidly and accurately find a suitable donor, greatly improve the efficiency of the CDMP data bank 


Product use: 

Transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells, kidney, heart and other organs and tissues for recipients before matches, the CDMP data bank, of the construction of library of umbilical cord blood 


The sampling requirements 



1. Need to HP: normal 2 ml, patients for 3 to 5 ml. (ACD anticoagulants or EDTA or CPDA). 

2. Blood immediately after blending anticoagulant and blood. 

3. Sample tube need to indicate all of the blood on the name, date of blood, if to collect more samples, please indicate the unique tag on each sample tube, in order to avoid confusion. 



1. 10 days before parting is not a large amount of blood transfusion, don't do radiation and chemotherapy. 

2. The patients' parents simultaneously. 

3. Do not use heparin anticoagulant. 


Report period: 5-7 working days (call special cases