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The development of biological immunotherapy

From the 1980 s of cell biology, molecular biology, tumor immunology, biological engineering, and many other in-depth theoretical study, the immune therapy has a definite purpose, targeted and effective, has nearly 20 years, biological immune cell therapy has become the three traditional therapy after surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy is the most important means of auxiliary.

LAKIn 1982, Rosenberg et al proposed the concept of cytokine induced killer cells, and the clinical application of LAK cells was discussed.
TILRosenberg proposed tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL), its tumor lethality than LAK has been significantly improved, but the problem of cell access limits the application of TIL.
CD3-AKIn 1989, a research group, using CD3 monoclonal antibody amplification of mouse spleen cells to obtain a cell group, named CD3 activated killer cells (CD3-AK), and in vitro showed a higher lethality than LAK.
CIK1991 bone marrow transplantation center of Stanford University's Schmidt-Wolf and IFN-r, IL-1, IL-2, CD3-mb co cultured PBMC, cell populations with a powerful anti-tumor activity, named as cytokine induced killer CIK cells. The primary effector cell was CD3+CD56+, which was non MHC restricted.
DC-CIKDendritic cells (dendritic cells) found that the most potent professional antigen provided a cell, in antitumor immune response to tumor antigen presenting to the CIK cells, causing the body to produce anti-tumor immune response.