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Stem cell technology

  Stem cell technology, also known as regenerative medical technique refers to the stem cells were isolated, cultured, induced orientation, and even genetically modified and other in vitro breeding of new, normal even younger cells, tissues or organs and, ultimately, by the tissue or organ transplantation treatment of clinical disease.

Stem cell technology and the Nobel prize in medicine


2007: at Cardiff University, Martin J, Evans, University of Utah in the United States by Mario R. Capecchi and Oliver Smith of the University of North Carolina from, because in gene knock out except for the contribution of technology and stem cell research obtained 2007 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. 


2011: American Bruce Beutler, Frenchman Jules Hoffman and Canadian Ralph Steinman, was the great contribution in the field of immune system obtained 2011 Nobel Prize for physiology science or the prize for medicine.


2012: British developmental biologist John Godden, Kyoto University material cellular systems integration foothold iPS cell research center director Nagayama Nakanobuya, was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize for physiology science or medicine prize in the nucleus to programming in the field of outstanding contribution.