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Yinfeng Biological Group's First Course Executive Training Came to A Successful Conclusion
2019-05-05 10:28:11


In order to implement the talent development strategy of Yinfeng Biological Group for the better support to its transformation, upgrading and leapfrog development, the Group launched an "Executive's Ability Enhancement Program" in 2018. The executive training was mainly centered on the sense of business and strategic decision-making, which were considered as an important link in the "Executive's Ability Enhancement Program" of the Group.


Speech made by Song Xianshou, President of Yinfeng Biological Group

The executive training was initiated in the speech made by Song Xianshou, President of Yinfeng Biological Group. At the beginning of the training, participants deepened their understanding of "innovation" and "decision thinking and implementation" in the game of dice. They explored the essence of management, learned strategic decision-making and management, and analyzed everyone's overall management concept by role playing in the sand table imitation of "Sense of Business and Strategic Decision-making".


Group discussion


Keynote speech made by Sheng Dewei, Chairman of Yinfeng Biological Group


 Keynote speech made by Dong Baixiang, Vice President of Yinfeng Biological Group


Keynote speech made by Wang Baoqing, Vice President of Yinfeng Biological Group

From the afternoon of April 14 to April 15, Sheng Dewei (Chairman of Yinfeng Biological Group), Wang Baoqing and Dong Baixiang (Vice President of Yinfeng Biological Group) made speeches respectively on "Strategic Control of Subsidiaries", "Enterprise Operation and Management" and "Status Analysis and Management of International and Domestic Cell Therapy and Product Supervision". The participants had a deeper understanding and thinking on training subjects though those speeches containing rich content.

During this training, participants carefully recorded and focused on thinking. Their understanding on the sense of business and strategic decision-making has been improved based on the combination of theoretical study and imitated practice. Besides, they obtained a deeper insight into the three main factors of management in the recommended book Liu Wen: team building, strategy formulation and team leading.