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Professor Freddy Boey, the executive vice president of National University of Singapore, and his team visited Yinfeng Bi
2019-08-05 18:23:34


On May 13, Professor Freddy Boey, the executive vice president of National University of Singapore; Li Yaoming, the assistant vice president; Liu Dezhi, the deputy director of Jinan Science & Technology Bureau; Li Shixin, the member of Party Working Committee of Jinan Innovation Zone Administrative Committee and the deputy director of China International ICT Innovation Cluster Administrative Committee; Huang Bo, the deputy director of Innovation Zone Administrative Committee; Wang Yan, the deputy director of Innovation Zone Entrepreneurship Service Center; Li Shucai, the vice president of Shandong University and other leaders, 15 people in total, visited Yinfeng Biological Group. Ma Xiaoqing, the chairman of Shandong Qilu Stem Cell Engineering Co., Ltd., Liu Guojun, the President, and Jia Chunsheng, the general manager of Yinfeng Cryomedicine Technology Co., Ltd., accompanied the visit.


Freddy Boey and his team visited the stem cell storage and cryomedicine laboratory of Yinfeng Biological Group, and listened carefully to the achievements made by Yinfeng Biological Group in scientific and technological innovation of biomedicine and transformation of such achievements. Subsequently, as the enterprise representatives in the field of biomedicine, Qilu Stem Cell Engineering Co., Ltd. and Yinfeng Cryomedicine Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the symposium themed on "Transnational Cooperation with Chinese Universities and Enterprises", chaired by Wang Hongzhi, the member of Jinan Municipal Standing Committee and the director of Innovation Zone Administrative Committee.


Professor Freddy Boey acknowledged the storage capacity and application of Yinfeng Biological Group in the field of stem cell. He also said: "Yinfeng Biological Group has broken the barriers in the field of cryopreservation, insisted on independent scientific research and innovation, and made its scientific research achievements in the forefront of the world. The National University of Singapore aims to promote the innovation and development of healthcare products through the interdisciplinary cooperation in such fields as chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, science and medicine, so as to meet the needs of global and Singapore markets. During this visit, our school learned about the remarkable achievements made by in the biotechnology enterprises of Jinan, Shandong, China in the field of biomedicine, which provides important resources and support to jointly construct ‘SDU-NUS International Joint Institute (Jinan) of Biomedical Engineering with Shandong University in the future, strengthen the multi-party cooperation among universities, enterprises and hospitals, and promote the construction of scientific research platform and the transformation of achievements."