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Consolidate Basic Work, Summarize Experience and Lessons and Improve Management Quality - Semi-annual Work Conference 20
2019-08-05 10:11:41


The Semi-annual Work Conference 2019 of Yinfeng Biological Group was held from July 19 to July 21. More than 200 employees attended the conference, including Wang Wei, Chairman of Yinfeng Group, Tang Li, Vice President of Yinfeng Group, Zuo Hongbin, Vice President of Yinfeng Group, Sheng Dewei, Vice President of Yinfeng Group and Chairman of Yinfeng Biological Group; Song Xianshou, President of Yinfeng Biological Group, directors of functional departments of Yinfeng Group, members of the management team of Yinfeng Biological Group and backbones from 28 companies in 16 provinces. On the conference, the gains and losses of the first half year were summarized and analyzed, and the goals, tasks and strengthening measures for the second half year were specified.


The conference was presided over by Liu Linlin, Director of the General Management Department of Yinfeng Biological Group

Hold Functional Line Conferences
Consolidate Basic Work in Multiple Dimensions

To ensure companies to work towards the accurate direction in business development and ensure efficient implementation of each project in high quality, the President's Office, General Management Department, Human Resources Department, Planning and Finance Department, Audit & Supervision Department, Technology Department, Research & Development Department and Marketing Department of Yinfeng Biological Group respectively held a special conference of corresponding functional line at 18:30 on July 19.

Share Legal Cases
Serve Business Development

On July 20, Wang Yang, Legal Manager of the General Management Department of Yinfeng Biological Group, publicized and disseminated business-related legal knowledge with two classic industry cases on the conference, and enhanced the participants' awareness for the prevention and control of legal risks as well as their business operation ability.

Highlight Key Points, Tackle Special Problems:
Leaders in Charge Share Special Topics




Vice Presidents of Yinfeng Biological Group Dong Baixiang, Wang Feng and Li Dezhu respectively provided trainings on business-related topics on the conference. Trainings on the obtaining of business-related administrative approval qualification, marketing management and financial management intensified the business marketing concept of the participants and strengthened the management and control of various job risks.

Learn Advanced Knowledge and Encourage Each Other




In the work of the first half year, all colleagues of Yinfeng Biological Group were wholly devoted to close cooperation and great practice of "devoting to medical technology to protect the health of mankind". In practice, a number of outstanding individuals and teams that had prominent work performance in their respective posts and fields emerged.  Meng Yanfang, Regional Manager in Jiaozuo of Henan Company, Zheng Zeying, Regional Manager in Mudanjiang of Heilongjiang Company, and Wu Jia, Manager of the Human Resources Department of Yinfeng Gene Technology Co., Ltd., were invited to share work experience on the conference. They provided "practical" experience and knowledge for the frontline business personnel and workers of various functional departments.

Summarize and Reflect, Analyze Problems and Make Plans:
Directors of Some Functional Departments Made Work Reports

On July 21, Liu Bo, Director of the Planning and Finance Department, Song Jianhui, Director of the Human Resources Department, Xu Fengbo, Director of the Technology Department, and Yang Shuping, Director of the Audit & Supervision Department, made a work report respectively, summarized and reported around the work completion status of corresponding department in the first half year, existing problems and deficiencies, goals of the second half year, ideas, measures and plans for promoting key work etc.

President of Yinfeng Biological Group Song Xianshou Made an Overall Summary and Deployment


Song Xianshou, President of Yinfeng Biological Group, made an overall summary of the group's work in the first half year and deployed the work plan for the second half year. He said that the overall operation of Yinfeng Biological Group was in good condition in the first half year of 2019. The completed business indicators and financial indicators saw increases of different magnitudes compared with the same period last year. In terms of operation management work, the organization structure and division of labor among team members have been improved; in terms of national strategic territory, Guangxi branch and Yunnan branch have been established; great breakthroughs have been made in the application of scientific research programs. However, objectively, there were indeed many difficulties in the operation and management work in the first half year, and many conditions were changing. But no matter how many difficulties there are and how fast the conditions change, the key lies in the analysis of staff's own problems, active and flexible response by all staff. In the future operation, a seamless connection bridge shall be established between the companies to seize the market opportunities, undertake the responsibilities and tackle problems in an all-round manner.

Chairman of Yinfeng Biological Group Sheng Dewei Shared the Topic Action·Undertaking


When sharing the topic Action·Undertaking, Sheng Dewei, Chairman of Yinfeng Biological Group said,"this semi-annual conference has been close to the end, companies, departments and offices shall carry out work studiously and quickly under the guidance of the corporate culture of the group in accordance with the spirit of the conference, with the three-year plan of the group as the goal. We should strengthen result-oriented process management in the management work.  Meanwhile, directors of companies, departments and offices shall have the awareness for undertaking responsibilitiesNo matter which post we work at, undertaking responsibilities is irreplaceable, and we should fulfill our duties for out posts. Undertaking responsibilities is to fulfill our responsibilities. We have many responsibility systems and we should fulfill our responsibilities in accordance with the standards.  We should try our best to actively undertake responsibilities.We should have active consciousness and leading consciousness. We should contact arrange and implement in advance, and strive to complete all work in advance.

Chairman of Yinfeng Group Wang Wei Made A Summary Speech

First, Wang Wei, Chairman of Yinfeng Group, affirmed the work performance achieved by Yinfeng Biological Group in the first half year.  Then, he proposed five requirements for the work in the second half year: I, we should continue to strengthen the management of basic work.  Basic work should be completed, system supervision should be efficient and audit supervision should be in place. II, we should take financial management as the core in operation. III, we should accelerate the project construction progress in an all-round manner while ensuring the quality. IV, we should increase R&D expense, plan for new project expansion and breakthrough. V, he incited the poem of Zheng Banqiao "Upright standis the bamboo amid green mountains steep; its toothlike root in broken rock is planted deep. It's strong and firm though struck and beaten without rest, Careless of the wind from north or south, east or west." He hoped that all employees could strengthen their willpower and be persistent in work.

General Secretary Xi Jinping said that happiness is obtained through hard work. In the work of the second half year, all colleagues of Yinfeng Biological Group will stay true to the mission and make all efforts to write the new glory with persistent and stedfast belief and solid and firm strides.