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The Spring Outing in 2014 of Yinfeng Biological Group was Proved to be A Success
Date:2016-06-07 11:51:45 Author:管理员 Flow rate:4857second

Aiming to promote Biological Group’s company philosophy of “healthy work, far-ranging communication” and “building harmonious teams”, the last batch of spring outing activities of Biological Group’s Business Division and Qilu Stem Cells Company finished on May 24 and 25, which means the annual employee outing activity of Biological Group in 2014 has come to a happy end.

This outing was planned and organized by the General Affairs Department of Biological Group, involving around 300 employees, and obtaining positive responses from Qilu Stem Cells Company, Qilu Cell Therapy Company, Shanxi Company and Anhui Company. From the very beginning of initial preparation to the following practice, management personnel of the Holding Group has shown their strong support, and the employees also coordinated actively. We have been to Mount Tai Hot Spring Town in Shandong, Dongping Lake Wetland in Shandong, Shaolin Temple in Henan, Mount Huang in Anhui and so on.

This outing activity is like a entertainment platform for everyone to interact and communicate with each other. It helped the employees to relieve the working pressure and fully relax themselves, which was defined as the original intention of this activity. This group activity have made everyone participated in better understanding on team spirit, enhancing the trust with each other, and strengthened the teamwork consciousness. We have faith that in the rest of our lives, every employee of Biological Group will dedicate to the work more passionately and vigorously to contribute their own efforts for the booming development of Biological Group.