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Happy Exercise, Healthy Life-Conclusion of A Badminton Match of Yinfeng Biological Group United
Date:2016-06-07 11:50:47 Author:管理员 Flow rate:4774second

In the afternoon of August 28, 2014, the Badminton Match held by Yinfeng Group came to a happy end.

Based on the attitude of “Happy Exercise, Healthy Life”, the players of Yinfeng Biological Group United have showed their excellent teamwork, they united as one to strive for first prize, never giving up; they have also carried forward the competition spirit of “friendship first, competition second” and won satisfactory scores.

The badminton course is not only a place for competition and honor, but also an important proof to show the determination and persistence. In the match, the players of Yinfeng Biological Group United have given full play to the sportsmanship of tenaciously strive to succeed, they tried hard to catch every ball, never giving up easily. They have demonstrated the positive energy needed in work and life with their tenacious competition spirit and determination of never saying die.