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One Team, One Dream
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The weeping willow is just like to be enchanted with spring smog, and the April with tall grass and birds flying comes again. In such a season, it is a good time to fly the mood and feel the breath of spring. Therefore, we shall have a dating with spring and measure the length of spring with our feet. From April 18 to 19 of 2015, the employees of Hubei Yinfeng Dingcheng Biological Engineering Co., Ltd rushed to Yidu and carried out a two-day team activity in the year of 2015. Cars were running on the wide highway; the scenery outside the window leaped to the eyes-green fields, pastoral breathing and fresh gentle breeze, all made everyone be relaxed and happy, and the team arrived at the destination -Yidu Tianlongwan Holiday Resort with the happy laughter, cheerful voices and flying mood unconsciously.

After the short-time rest, we came to the developing base led by the development coach, thus initiating the opening of the “One Team, One Dream” activity. We were divided into two teams-team “Mount Tai” and team “Tiger”, besides, we carried out a series of such projects like “ Inspiring”, ”Amored Fighting Vehicles”, “60 seconds in a rush”, “walking crosswise”, etc.

In the whole development activity, everyone not only obtained happy laughter and cheerful voices and get strong body, but also had deepened thinking and enlightenment, that is, we know that as long as we are in unity and strengthen coordination and communication among us, we will definitely achieve the objectives; we know that solutions are more than difficulties; as long as we are willing to study, we will definitely find the solutions and strategies; and we also know that we shall not give up when meeting the difficulties, and nothing is impossible if we release our potential abilities.

After the development, we came to the barbecue area. Although it rains lightly, our jump for joy was not hindered. After the canopy is set up, everyone shared out the work and cooperated, “burner man” started to make a fire; other people prepared to bake the foods together;, the “chief examiner” came up with special skills for all services, everyone fully experienced the fun “get ample food and clothing by working with our own hands”, bake the foods in full play and eat extremely! Meanwhile, the outdoor KTV was being conducted; everyone actively sang songs with microphones and showed their own singing talents, and so many happy laughter and cheerful voices with happiness knowing no bounds. We forgot everything during talking and laughter, alleviated the fatigue and fully experienced the joy of wild group living.

The climax of the activity at that night is the song “Happy Birthday to You” sang by all Hubei Yinfeng employees. The warm candle light stood out boldly against the moonlight; and 5 birthday people born in April blown the birthday candles with the rest of employees and shared the birthday cake. Although the temperature at the rainy night was very low, our heart inside was very warm. This warm not only came from the delicious barbecue, beautiful songs and sweet cakes, but also came from the enthusiasm and sincerity of Hubei Yinfeng family.

For the next day, everyone rode the archaized luxury cruise ship “Qingjiangyuge” to visit the beautiful scenery beside the Qingjiang River, and the misty rain further increased a mystery to us. After seeing the river scenery for an hour, we reached the Qingjiang International Golf sport base. Every one experienced the nobility activity of golf and felt the beautiful mood for excising on the green land and in fresh air.

The whole team activity was over successfully at 3 o’clock in the afternoon of April 19th, but everyone still had passion and enjoyed so much so as to forget to go home. In these two short days, it made us to have much thinking, everyone fully felt the strength of team, experienced individual limits and potentials and knew that the efficient operation of team can be realized only when all partners work in the same direction, and the distance between each heart is closer. We believe that in the future learning, work and life, everyone will adjust their own physical and mental state, positively face to the challenge to work and life and play the function of cooperative team spirit so as to realize our objective in 2015 and create more splendid tomorrow for Hubei Yinfeng.